he Symphony of the Vines is a professional chamber orchestra based in the beautiful north county of San Luis Obispo. For four years now, the Symphony of the Vines has enthralled listeners along the California Central Coast with diverse classsical music. Join the Symphony of the Vines as the new concert season has already begun! Tickets are available online, at the door, and select locations. Experience something new, profound, and powerful. Come experience the joy of classical music with Symphony of the Vines for an evening of music you'll never forget...


Symphony of the Vines - Classical Music

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April 2013
Slo Coast Journal

Kathryn Bumpass of the Slo Coast Journal recently interviewed music director, Dr.Greg Magie of Symphony of the Vines for an online article introducing the symphony to the central coast.


Explore the origins, formation, and future of the Symphony of the Vines as you get a chance to peak behind the curtain and discover the thoughts and efforts that drive a passionate group to bring you the finest music on the central coast.


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For five years Symphony of the Vines has delivered on their mission to bring live Classical music to north county. We have exciting plans to collaborate with other local arts organizations, feature local and national soloists, and bring the best of new and familiar music to our audience.


You can help us achieve our mission and boldly move into the next half decade. We ask for your support to help the Symphony of the Vines deliver the finest music and entertainment to all of you. Please consider a charitable and tax deductible contribution to our non-profit 501(c)3 orchestra.


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